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Game Rules

The Game Rules are here to keep the game fun for everyone. We may add, change or delete any rule at any given time. If you breach these rules action will be taken against you according to the Punishments text below the rules.

#1 Social behaviour

The most important rule is that you should always remember that the other players are real people just like you. Do not do anything in the game you wouldn't do in the "real world". Roleplaying (Rule 2) is exempt from this.

#2 Roleplaying

In Terlum you are playing a role, the role of your character. Try to behave as your character would, so everything in the game seems as real as it can be. Keep "real world"-talk in the private chat as much as possible.

#3 Passwords

Passwords and accounts are personal. Accounts can't be traded, bought or sold. You may not give out your password to anyone. You may not ask or trick people into giving you their password. You may not share your account with anyone.

#4 Bug Abuse

You must report any bugs immediately using Support on the Terlum Website. You may not exploit bugs to increase personal ingame wealth or cause harm to other players. You may not tell anyone except the Terlum Team about any bugs you know about.

#5 Impersonation

You may not impersonate a Terlum staff member, developer or artist.

#6 Character Sharing / Trading

You are allowed to share, trade and sell your character(s), but only using the tools supplied by Terlum. You may sell them for in-game money or items, or "real-world" money or goods.

#7 Trading using in-game money

You may only trade in-game money to other in-game goods. Trading in-game money against anything outside the game is forbidden.

#8 Macros / Automation

You are allowed to use Macros / Automation to help you play Terlum, but are limited in the extend you use this. Small things like typing text are ok, but major automation, for example a program playing big parts of the game for you, are forbidden. Deciding what is and isn't acceptable automation is up to the team. When in doubt, ask in Support.

#9 Advertising

You may not use the chat or forums to advertise anything outside the game. Advertisements for in-game goods, services, characters, etc are fine.

#10 Personal Health

You may not play Terlum, or use the website if your personal health does not allow you to do so. If, under any circumstance, the player is not able to judge his own psychical or mental behaviour, parents/guardians are invited to contact us through Support to discuss termination and/of access to the Terlum Account.


The Terlum admins will decide on a per-case basis who will be punished and how, within the boundaries of the Terms & Conditions.

To use this site and the game, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Game Rules.
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