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What is Terlum?

Terlum is a free game set in an island group bearing the same name. Long, long ago it got separated from the rest of the world. The world itself has perished already, so this seperation is no longer a curse but a blessing. They are all that is left now - the eternal world.

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Now you can set out on an adventure in the vast lands of Terlum yourself; take on the body of one of the 6 races and play out the story, explore, trade, fight, or just hang around doing whatever you want. You can play the game as the following races:
Humans - Versatile but not very good in anything,
Magicians - Masters of magic, yet weak in melee combat.
Blank - Quicksilver beings, capable of morphing their bodies and masters of water.
Khast - Ant-like humanoids, they have incredible strength and perfect teamwork skills.
Blighted - Cursed beings suffering all their lives, hard to kill and very strong.
Golems - Living machines, destroying anything on their path.

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The storyline will adept to your actions and choices, giving you various possible endings. You can work together with friends over the internet, or compete to see who is best. You can trade goods and become rich. You can become a master smith, alchemist, cook, gemcutter - and more; the world is open for you to do in as you wish.

Terlum has three main islands you can explore, all with their own inhabitants and landmarks. For example, there are the vast mountains and forests of Monsvena, the deserted wastelands and underground caves of Dustridor, and the many mysteries of Subarum.

Terlum is a fast growing community of players who like 2D RPG’s.
Due to our regular updates and cool game play: Terlum never gets boring, is fun to play and free!

Fight, trade and work together.
Venture out and save the world!

Terlum is ready for you - what are you waiting for?

Warning: Terlum is highly addictive! ;-) and free 2 play.

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