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This site, the game and brand names Terlum and Ludus are owned and operated by Team Terlum.
Team Terlum asked Inspiration2 BV to represent our activities to you.

Use of the site and game means you agree to these terms and conditions.
If you do not agree, please leave the site and uninstall the game.

Hardware: The computer you use to visit the website or install/play Terlum, and all devices directly connected to it.
Terlum: the Terlum game, any files that are part of it, the files used for installing/running it, and all files they create on your hardware.
The website: This website and all it's subdirectories. Anything accessible from www.terlum.com is part of the website.

You may not use Terlum or the website if you are under the age of 18 and do not have permission of your legal guardian. If you do have permission of your legal guardian, these Terms & Conditions apply to him/her as well.

If you allow somebody else to access the game on your hardware, inform them about these Terms & Conditions, they may not use the game unless they agree as well.

Terlum, the website, and all their contents are the intellectual property of Team Terlum, unless otherwise stated. You are only granted a usage license. We may withheld your usage of the game if we so see fit.

Occasionally we may accept ideas and game additions that are submitted by users. You agree that by submitting materials for inclusion in Terlum, you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty free license to use and / or modify such materials on the website / Terlum as we see fit.

We have the right to monitor your actions and settings of your hardware while you are playing Terlum, anything we monitor may be logged for later review and/or statistics.

You may not try to reverse engineer, tamper with, or in other ways disturb the code and/or data traffic of/by Terlum or the website (also known as cheating or hacking in more common terms).

You may not use any language that others may find offensive in Terlum or on the website.

We are not liable for your internet connection and / or any damage to you or your computer hardware/software caused by either using Terlum or visiting the website, regardless of whether this damage was unintentional or not. Furthermore we don’t guaranty a 100% uptime of our services. In case of liability our maximum liability to you in contract, tort ( including negligence ), statutory duty or collaterally or otherwise arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or this website shall be limited to € 30,- or the sum paid by you to us in respect of any twelve month period, whichever is greater.

You may not break the Game Rules.

All our paid-services are subscription based. Current fees for using the Terlum Services are published in the “Billing History” under “Your Account”. The fees for paid services are payable in advance and are not refundable in whole or in part. You are fully liable for all charges under your account including any unauthorized charges.

You may cancel your subscription at any given time. We will not refund your paid membership fees. However, in case of special circumstances you can apply for reimbursement using the Customer Support section. Reimbursement is fully up to the discretion of Team Terlum.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions without any prior notice, and will inform you through Terlum/the website when we do, the first time you try to access them after the change.

We may choose to take action against breaking the Terms & Conditions by the methods described in the punishment part of the Game Rules and/or legal action against you or your legal guardian.

You accept that these terms and conditions are governed by law of the Nederlandse Antillen and any dispute connected with these or our website are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Curacao courts.

To use this site and the game, you must agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Game Rules.
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